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At 10:51am on January 12, 2013, JoAnn said…

can you block this: 

At 3:00am on January 12, 2013, anita said…

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At 12:24pm on June 28, 2012, Len Nassi, CFP (R), CDFA (TM) said…

Hi Cynthia,

Thank you for your kind comment and suggestion. I have edited the blog post and please feel free to feature it on the main page.  I look forward to meeting.


Len Nassi, CFP, CDFA





At 9:49pm on September 16, 2010, Rebecca Weeks-Henes said…
Cynthia...Thank you. We spoke the other morning while you were on your way to see Rev Tita...I was just a bit jelly of you here...LOL! I admit, I miss Unity SO much! Right now...just baby stepping it...
At 6:43am on June 18, 2010, Mark Banschick MD said…
Let me know how I can contribute to your work. Noble.
I am a child psychiatrist and like you worked in the courts, in my case as an expert witness in New York.
My book, The Intelligent Divorce, is the first of a three part series, in which I guide parents through divorce with their eye always on the kids. This book deals with taking care of children. The next one is about self care in divorce and the third is about managing the power struggles with a difficult ex spouse. I am having fun writing all this stuff after doing this work for twenty years!

If you would like a copy of the book, let me know.
I would appreciate your take on it.

We are contributing to a new approach to divorce. Thank God.
There will always be power struggles (they are in marriage as well), but they can be managed and not heightened. This is the peaceful divorce.

ps: I call it The Intelligent Divorce because peace is asking a lot. ;)
At 11:58am on June 13, 2010, Shari N. Hines, Esq. said…
Thanks Cynthia!
At 8:46am on June 3, 2010, Lori Barkus said…
Hi Cynthia,
Thanks for the post. I am a divorce attorney and mediator in Weston, Florida. Began receiving your emails a few months ago and I am very interested in the Peaceful Divorce process. I'm a member of the collaborative lawyers and believe in that model, but it is not for everyone and some clients do not feel comfortable committing to it. I would love to connect and learn more about what you do.
At 9:00am on January 25, 2010, Deborah Divine said…
Thanks Cynthia,
I have been through a TransParenting (what it is called in our area) class that was mandated by our court system. Currently my husband and I are in mediation. It seems to be going very slowly. I love the idea of transparenting but then I look at who I am dealing with and it just fills me with dread. We have (against my better judgement) agreed to 50/50 week with me, one week with him. Our oldest daughter (15 1/2) doesn't like it at all and is afraid her life will change drastically. I told her it shouldn't be any different than what her life is now except of where she will sleep. Our youngest daughter (12) is fine with it and actually wanted it that way.
Now, I am concerned about the financial aspect of everything. He has always paid all bills relating to the house and I have always paid bills pertaining to medical, vehicles and maintenance of the girls and I. I have always had a 401K and as far as I know he has no type of savings whatsoever. Knowing how he is about always coming out on top in situations like this...I want to be sure everything is done fairly. He is a realtor by profession. I am an administrative assistant. I am not looking to be vindictive but since he isn't willing to relinquish the house (says he can't afford to go out and get another one) I feel I am left to do so. As of now, we are currently in the same house which isn't doing anyone (especially the girls and I) any good. I have never been a vindictive person and don't plan on starting now. We both have secured seperate legal counsel but everytime I call with a question I see $$ signs going out the is unreal!
One question I do have is our state (IN) everything is 50/50 so where does the responsibility of bills end? From the date I filed? or is he able to go out and wrack up credit card bills in expectations of me having to pay 1/2?
Any help or direction you could give me would be greatly appreciated.Delete Comment
At 3:06pm on November 2, 2009, Melanie Brubaker said…
The puzzle piece I bring to the table of the peaceful divorce is my ability to bring equilibrium or realistic expectations to the final outcome and to keep the importance of the children at the forefront but not in the line of fire. I keep my clients informed throughout the process as a means to calm the divorce angst as much as possible. I also believe in empowering my clients by guiding him/her to the resources s/he will need to achieve a win/win outcome for a healthy, vibrant family post-divorce.
At 2:39pm on July 6, 2009, Brooke D. Goldfarb said…
Hi, Cynthia, Although I am a lawyer, I'm happiest when I play the role of mediator because I enjoy encouraging both parties to express themselves and working out language that everyone can live with. As I am a lawyer by training, I also enjoy working in a collaborative divorce. Most of the time I work as the mediator and I bring in a financial advisor to help the couple with the numbers and sometimes a mental health therapist to help with the parent coordination, all of us as neutrals. The couple truly benefits from having a "divorce transition team" in place. I never give up on the couple. I stand for the resolution of all issues. I'm kind of the cheerleader and coach for the couple as well as the drafter of the documents. I also try to keep them laughing and diffuse the tension with humor.
At 1:40pm on June 24, 2009, Kristi Sutter said…
Hi Cynthia,
My piece to the peaceful divorce puzzle is helping individuals explore their childhood experiences and relationships and how they use these to select a partner. Looking at their attempt to repeat what is familiar to them, or attempt repairing what is familiar but not satisfying, can be life changing. I have seen the anger decrease between partners when each realizes that their being together was not a chance happening. Understanding this process can produce compassion for each partner's struggle taking blame away. This is a difficult process. Some partners would rather blame and stay angry. Those who can look at themselves will grow, change and look at divorce as an opportunity.
At 9:24am on June 17, 2009, Cindy S. Vova said…
Hi Cynthia,
First, can you tell me how to edit my profiel so I can get rid of the typo.---going too many directions at one time. WOuld like to get more involved. Cindy H and I have been batting around ideas. Maybe we can all meet one day this summer and chat? Let me know your thoughts
Cindy Vova
At 7:58pm on May 17, 2009, Miki said…
I thought I did leave a being that there is NO RESOURCES available to folks not interested in utilizing an attorney and/or in the same aside from the fact one is less costlier than the other..I"m looking for resources that would GUIDE ME THROUGH A PRO SE DIVORCE...but I do understand, it is in the best interest of Professionals to promote business and this would be the avenue. Feel free to send me info if you have it available for interested PRO SE parties...I would really appreciate free advice that would assist me ..and not advertisements for their BUSINESS SERVICES....

Thanks for your info!
Yes Peaceful indeed and I would like to know, have you been through a divorce? I think it should be a requirement for the attornies who specialize in the field to have been through the would then be viewed as much more GENUINE ADVICE! Don't you agree?

Again, thanks and all the best look forward to hearing back from you!
At 1:54am on March 28, 2009, Holly said…
While I usually represent one party in a divorce with respect to the division of retirement benefits--I am sometimes retained by both parties to counsel/mediate the terms of their agreement as to this issue and/or to draft the necessary documents (usually court orders known as "QDROs") so that the retirement division may be effectuated by the applicable plans. When I am in the neutral role I serve as an educator so that the parties can make an informed decision about how best to proceed.
At 9:52pm on March 17, 2009, JoAnn said…
Thanks for the welcome. I don't see a time zone on the teleconferences. That would be helpful. I'm in CDT.
At 5:45pm on February 17, 2009, Rory Godowsky said…
Hi Cynthia
I am very pleased to be a part of this group. I have been a divorce attorney in Delaware for thiry years. I have beena mediator for 15. I am interested in learning more about what you plan to do as a group. I am interested in becoming more involved.
Rory Godowsky
At 9:44am on February 17, 2009, J. Richard Kulerski said…

Thank you for welcoming me into the group.

My piece of the peaceful divorce puzzle addresses something that society and our predecessors in divorce seem to have overlooked.

If we want to learn how to drive, we take lessons. It's the same with karate, dancing, golf, driving, breast feeding, etc.. There are even instructions and tips for learning how to sell a yo-yo on eBay.

But they never gave us any lessons on how to get divorced. No one tells us what to say and do (and not say and do!) if we hope to persuade our partner to agree to a peaceful, out-of-court settlement.

If society had never required driving instruction, we would have just experienced a century of unnecessary car wrecks. Without specific instruction on how to behave during one-on-one spousal settlement conversations, we have, in fact, already experienced a century of divorce wrecks/wars, many of which were likely unnecessary.

I have come across many newly revealed and effective things that divorcing spouses can now do to entice their spouses to join them in making their ordeal quicker, saner, and more affordable. I plan on sharing these insights with the group.

The more I learn is the more I realize that I need to learn, and whatever I have to offer is certainly far from complete.

I sincerely ask for and welcome any and all input.

I can't remember my nickname.

Richard Kulerski
At 9:18pm on January 29, 2009, Lisa C. Decker said…
Hi Cynthia,

I want to thank you and Cindy Harari for being on my teleconference call last night - Credit 911!

I appreciated you being a part of it and hope you found the information enriching and enlightening.

I would like to talk with you and Cindy about being guests on a future call and talking about Peaceful Divorce. Please email me directly at Lisa @ Divorce Money Matters. com.

Take care,

Lisa C. Decker, CDFA
At 8:28am on January 4, 2009, Elinor Robin, PhD said…
Wow Cynthia!! You have done a magnificent job. This site is providing a platform for the cause - carrying the message that divorce doesnt have to destroy a family. I am honored to be a part of the group.
At 10:10pm on October 10, 2008, Lisa C. Decker, CDFA said…
Hi Cynthia,

Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the group.

I just noticed that you are in PB County. I used to live there until 3 years ago when I moved to Metro Atlanta.
Lived there all my adult life. Where are you located?
At 7:20pm on September 15, 2008, Joanie Winberg said…
Hi Cynthia,
How are you? We haven't talked in awhile!
May I submit an article?

Become an affiliate of the Happily Divorced! book and audio program! Let Reformed "Killer" Divorce Attorney, Cynthia Tiano, and Dr. Max Vogt, Marriage and Family Psychologist, take you on an adventure into the lives of two families going through the divorce legal system - one doing "legal battle" and the other creating a "peaceful divorce". Learn how to create a Win-Win from their experiences...


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