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We all know that the recession is deep and painful for millions of people. It happens that divorce is a discretionary expense like home improvements, that many people will simply defer or delay because of the current circumstances. There is not only the expense of the divorce itself, but then there is the resulting two households to support. A lot of people who would be in the market for a divorce are looking at their pocketbooks and deciding that whatever their marital problems are, they aren't so bad. This might be a great thing for the institution of marriage in this world, if it weren't for the fact that most of these marriages have already failed and these people aren't doing themselves or their children any long term favors by staying together and being miserable. Indeed, the loss of energy, vitality and self-expression that results from being in a bad relationship probably has severe economic consequences itself. Fortunately, peaceful divorce is a cost effective process, for the alternative is an extremely costly legal battle.
During the coming months, more and more of the divorce lawyers used to an endless stream of litigants will be severely impacted by this recessionary economy as more people either delay or defer their divorces or seek the less costly alternatives like mediation and do it yourself divorce kits. Many of those lawyers are going to have to start to "get it" about Peaceful Divorce, simply to survive. For those of us interested in promoting Peaceful Divorce, it is a good time to reach out and let the world know about the alternatives. It is still the case that most people don't even know that pre-suit mediation is possible, and that most divorce lawyers aren't interested in promoting it. I hope that this posting will stimulate the continuing discussion about how to bring the Peaceful Divorce message to the bar and the public. The best advertising for it is that it is less costly, less time consuming, less destructive, and more likely to promote good relations and effective co-parenting after the divorce. I welcome everyone's comments and suggestions about how to do this.

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