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So many potential mediation clients express amazement when I tell them that they don't have to get attorneys to get divorced. It seems like people really don't know that they can do mediation, avoid the battle completely, and start moving on with their lives. Somehow, we just aren't getting the word out about this. The public perception is that you have to get attorneys even if you don't want to fight, and even if you have nothing to fight over. People just aren't aware of the possibility of pre-suit mediation, even though they are very aware of the stereotypical hard faught divorce case.

I would like to see more publicity for the concept of "peaceful divorce" and for the alternative of pre-suit mediation. I noticed in the news today that TV star Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) just published a book entitled "A Promise To Ourselves" about his divorce from Kim Basinger and their bitter custody battle. It would be nice if a peaceful divorce could get the same kind of publicity, but it doesn't seem to play out as much of a news item. We all have a responsibility to get the word out about peaceful divorce.

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Comment by Cindy Harari on September 29, 2008 at 4:53pm
Peaceful divorce is the voice of reason. What does it sound like? Who is it aimed at? Who doesn't want to hear it? Why? How do we overcome that?
Comment by Cynthia Tiano, Esq. on September 24, 2008 at 7:55am
I really like this blog post!

It's definitely something for us all to think about - how can we really get the message of peaceful divorce out there in a bigger and bigger way?

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