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10 Simple Communication Ideas for Parents

1. Whenever possible, communicate in writing. Writing gives you the opportunity to clarify your thoughts and express yourself clearly. Also, in the event of a misunderstanding, everyone can go back and look at what is written. E-mails and faxes have the advantage of having a date and time embedded as well.

2. Stick to child-focused issues and keep your communication informative, not emotional.

3. Keep your communication clear. Use bullet points or numbers rather than… Continue

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The Power of One: Positive Parenting and Personal Growth During and After Divorce

Having a former spouse or co-parent who is not "on the same page" is one of many challenges during or after divorce. You can stay stuck in a place where you say: "he/she doesn't get it, will never get it, won't do it any other way" or take this time in your life as an opportunity to start doing things differently by shifting the focus to you.

When you say or do something, you cause a response or reaction. If you change the way you say or do things, you cause a change in the response… Continue

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Starting Mediation After You Have Already Started Litigating Your Divorce Is Like Trying To Put A Fire Out After You Have Drenched It With Gasoline!*

Nothing about divorce is easy. Divorcing couples feel confused, stressed, angry and fearful. Their emotions are ignited and may seem out of control. But how the divorce evolves is in your hands and will affect you for years to come. Divorcing couples who start by litigating usually become more entrenched in their positions, more distrustful and more acrimonious because litigation fuels the fire by pitting one family member against the other! Starting mediation after you have already started…


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Ten Tips for Separated and Divorced Families for the Holidays

The following list is an excerpt from the book Kids First: What Kids Want Grown-ups to Know about Divorce and Separation, created by the children who attend divorce support groups at the Kids First Center in Portland, Maine and by Peg Libby,…


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Is Online Divorce Filing A Sign of Economic Recovery?

Thank you to Peaceful Divorce member Lisa Decker for sharing the following timely information:, a national provider of online divorce forms, reports that in 2010, increasing numbers of Americans turned to the Internet to file a divorce. This may be good news for the economy. According to economic experts, during times of acute economic distress, many people are deterred by financial insecurity from filing for divorce, which they delay until they feel more…

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Back to School for Children is an Opportunity for Parents to Communicate Better

Beginning the school year can be stressful as the lazy days of summer give way to a more rigorous schedule. The hectic pace of school, extracurricular activities and parental work schedules is especially challenging for divorced families where children shuttle between two homes.…


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July is Child-Centered Divorce Month -- It's Time for Peaceful Divorce!

Picture this: you’re getting divorced and you’re angry, resentful, hurt, or any combination of other painful emotions. You want to lash out at, or maybe get back at your (soon to be former) spouse. Hiring the most aggressive divorce lawyer you can find seems like your smartest choice. You are gearing up for a fight! But stop. Think...…


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Parents & Divorce: "We need to talk."

If you are a separated or divorced parent, you need to communicate with your child’s other parent. Even though you are no longer living together, and, in some cases, especially because you are no longer living together, conflicts about your children (minor ones and major ones) may arise with greater frequency.

What do you do? Hopefully, you calmly discuss and resolve issues such as pick-ups and drop-offs, schedule changes, money, extracurricular activities, and family matters… Continue

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New Florida Statute Provides Help For Families During & After Divorce

Current research indicates that one of the most reliable predictors of a child's success after their parents' separation and divorce is how well their parents get along. However, most separated or divorced parents find it quite challenging to peacefully reach common ground with their child's other parent.

Often, despite parents' best efforts to protect them, children see too much, hear too much and feel their parents' simmering anger. Some children get a stomach ache every time they… Continue

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Top 10 Tips for Creating a Parenting Plan*

Separated, divorced and never-married parents often face the daunting task of creating a parenting plan for their children. Where do they start? Here is some straightforward, expert advice from the Florida AFCC Parenting Plans Taskforce to help the entire family through this very important process.

1. There Is No “One Size Fits All” Parenting Plan --
Parenting plans should be constructed to meet the unique needs of each family and each family member.

2.… Continue

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Peaceful Divorce member Michael Mastracci's recent email included the following insightful message:

Spiritual Laws to Help With Divorce -- Responsibility

When going through a divorce, the desire to lay blame is strong, and of course, natural. But in order to learn and grow from the situation, and truly heal, we need to look inside of ourselves. When we can ask ourselves what our contributions to the situation have been, then we’re ready to take an honest look at… Continue

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What's Your Co-Parenting Style? Cooperative, Parallel or Somewhere In-Between?

One of many difficult things parents must do during and after their divorce is deal with their child(ren)'s other parent. While some aspects of "the deal" are spelled out in documents such as temporary or permanent court orders or final marital settlement agreements, most of the "parenting" details are not explicitly written down.

For example, a document provides that the child(ren) are to spend every Tuesday night and alternating weekends with Parent A. In most instances, an… Continue

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A Bill of Rights for Separated & Divorced Parents

Do you think there is (or should be) a Bill of Rights for Separated & Divorced Parents? Peaceful Divorce member Rosalind Sedacca provides a wealth of resources regarding child-centered divorce, and shares her thoughtful commentary on this 12-point list that was published on the internet:

1) The right to feel and express love and affection for your children. Rosalind Sedacca: No one should deny you this right or your children the right to benefit… Continue

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Ten Tips for Separated and Divorced Families for the Holidays

The following timely article appears in the online publication of The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), an international organization dedicated to resolution of family conflict. It was written by Peg Libby, Executive Director, Kids First Center, Portland, Maine.

Here is an excerpt from the Holidays and Celebrations chapter of our new book, Kids First: What Kids Want Grown-ups to Know about Divorce and Separation.

1. Plan, plan,…

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Peaceful Divorce and Happy Holidays

Tonight at sundown begins the Jewish New Year 5769. For some reason, this year this time of reflection has brought me back to the beginning of the year 5757. That year was significant to me back then – probably because my birth year is 1957, so the double “57s” were cool. It was 12 years ago – 1996. Where was I then compared to where I am now?

More specifically, I’ve been thinking about how and where my (then-divorcing) family was then and looking at what’s happening… Continue

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How Do We Get The Peaceful Divorce Message Out?

It seems to me that it is just too easy for couples contemplating divorce to fall into the adversarial system. Even those folks who start out with the intention of doing things peacefully get sucked into the system. I'm thinking about a couple I met with a few months ago who wanted to avoid a "war." We had an educational and philosophical discussion about marital dissolution and coparenting (they've got one young child). I heard from them very briefly over the course of a few months -- they… Continue

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What Is a Caucus?

One of the guiding values in mediation and collaborative law is transparency. It comes with the territory when one is trying to establish trust with two different parties. Sometimes an issue may arise that one party may wish not to discuss in front of the other. If they both agree, separate meetings may take place. These meetings are called caucuses.Caucuses can be…See More
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How Important Is the Budget in Divorce Planning?

I think everyone’s least favorite word is BUDGET. Why don’t we want to hear that word? Think about it: We’re asking ourselves to do something we don’t want to do — or worse yet, someone else is asking us to do it. While we might not like them, having a budget does help. In divorce planning — whether you are going to litigation,…See More
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21st Century Parenting Plans

I remember when the default custody arrangement had one parent as the custodial parent, and the other parent was known as the “Disneyland parent.” They had their children every other weekend, and maybe once during the week for dinner. Today it is more common to see joint parenting time consist of one week on, and one week off or “two-two-five-five” time,…See More
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Including a Financial Professional in Your Mediation

Very often, couples who are divorcing amicably, or who have straightforward financial situations, will forgo meeting with a financial professional while they go through mediation. Though this may seem logical on its face, “going it alone” may result in unnecessary hardship and inaccurate calculations.  It is easy to simply look at a tax table today and say “I am going…See More
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What About the House?

Going through divorce means dealing with hundreds of details, some more important than others. One detail that merits extra contemplation is how to deal with the marital home.Does one spouse want to keep it because the children still live there? You don't want to disrupt their lives any more than is already happening. What if the children are grown? Do you still need that much of a house?Here are the three most common means of dealing with the house in divorce:Selling the house and dividing the…See More
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