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About Me:
Seen on The Montel Williams Show & Fox News
Susan Allan is America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach and the founder of The Marriage Forum where our unique conflict resolution program produces marital reconciliation for 99% of all clients. If that is not the goal of at least one partner, the same skills generate peaceful non-litigated divorce. Each month millions of readers read Susan Allan’s columns on various websites, including her own, Ask The Divorce Coach at; Ask The Marriage Coach in Los Angeles Family Magazine and Ask The Love & Relationship Coach at Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine. Allan has appeared on The Montel Williams Show, FOX NEWS and on hundreds of television and radio news programs. Popular motivational speaker and life coach, Allan has discovered The 7 Stages of Trauma© and is the author of 101 DIVORCE SECRETS; A SURVIVAL GUIDE and DIVORCE: THE MARRY-GO-ROUND or How to Save Your Money, Your Sanity and Your Life.
These skills have been offered to individuals and corporations worldwide, including The Association for Conflict Resolution. Allan is one of only 15 certified mediators of The Los Angeles County Bar Association. Her additional training is in Nonviolent Communication SM, used to promote peace and community-building in 40 countries around the world. Allan is certified in The Herrmann Brain Dominance™ thinking styles taught at The Wharton School and is certified by The Oneness University in Chennai, India where graduates committed to world peace include members of the papacy, Dalai Lama’s staff, and Anthony Robbins. Allan has offered training to groups including The California Correctional System’s MERIT program, The Pasadena Police Dept.’s Youth Leadership Program, Fighting Back Mentors of CA Alcohol & Drug Abuse and Passages the drug rehabilitation facility in Malibu, CA. Since 1999 more than 5,500 people have conferred with The Marriage Forum about all forms of relationships in addition to Allan’s private clientele in the United States, and worldwide.
The Marriage Forum, Inc. a 501 3 C corporation
Ph: 805-695-8405 818-314-1200
http://www.thedivorceforum .com

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At 10:15pm on September 15, 2008, Joanie Winberg said…
Hi Susan,
Wow! Good for you! What a difference you are making!
At 4:04pm on March 31, 2008, Cynthia Tiano, Esq. said…
Susan -
It is my pleasure!

I am really honored to have the opportunity to get to know you and to combine our efforts in this most important cause. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I would be happy to broadcast a message to our members of any events you are participating in, or other matters that you feel would be of benefit to the members or their contacts. You only have to ask!

Warm regards,

At 8:04am on March 29, 2008, Valorie, M.A., L.P.C. said…
Hi Susan, I'd be delighted to receive your white paper via email thank you !
At 1:20pm on March 20, 2008, Rosalind Sedacca, CCT said…
Hi Susan:

I am a co-host, with Cynthia Tiano, for the largest Divorce Party in the nation. Cynthia Tiano was one of our sponsors. She's mentioned your name and I'd love to connect with you.

Visit my website:

Best regards,
At 2:56am on January 26, 2008, Cynthia Tiano, Esq. said…
Hi Susan -

We are honored to have you here at Peaceful Divorce! You can certainly add a lot to this conversation! We are looking forward to you sharing your views on our current discussions including "What Do You Think A Peaceful Divorce Looks Like?" Thanks for the important part you play in spreading this most important message.

Cynthia Tiano
At 2:01pm on January 25, 2008, Belinda Rachman, Esq. said…
You belong here girl!!! I am so glad to see you. You have a LOT to give and this is a great place to share your expertise!

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2018 Taxes & Divorce: There Is Still Time

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Tax Tips for the Recently Divorced

We are only 4 weeks away from the end of the year. What does that mean for people who have gotten divorced in 2018?It means you have to get ready to file your tax returns for the year ending 2018 by April 15, 2019, or else extend it. Remember, just because you extend it, you still have to pay any tax that you owe by April 15, 2019.If you got divorced in 2017, here are some items you need to think about for tax…See More
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An Elegant Solution: The Child Support Account

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Withholding: A Down Payment, not a Tax

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Divorce & Support Payments – When Can You Use it to Qualify for a Mortgage?

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Projecting Your 2018 Taxes

Have you thought about doing a tax projection for 2018?Obviously, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, no one wants to be surprised around tax time. Here’s why you should get a head start on knowing the new tax law and how it will affect you and/or your business in the coming tax year.We are seven months into the New Year. You may not be aware that we have a new tax law that went into effect on December 22, 2017, or that most of the provisions took effect on January 1, 2018.Here are some…See More
Aug 23, 2018
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Mediators: The Swiss Army Knife of Divorce

Today I’m featuring an article by a colleague of mine named Martin Kranitz. Martin, a mediator in Maryland, has obtained certification from the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution, one of the first organizations to provide mediator certification based on demonstrated performance rather than just education and mediation courses taken.  In this piece, Martin discusses one of the many functions a mediator can play,…See More
Jul 12, 2018




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