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This discussion topic covers general navigational instructions for this website. It will be updated over time and as questions arise. Please notify the forum moderator if you would like information added, or if you would like to make a contribution.

Your Peaceful Divorce Box

On your "My Page," you have a box in the middle top of the screen titled "Your Peaceful Divorce Box." You can use this box to make your own announcments, add photos, show your products, add your favorite quotes, websites, etc. Feel free to play around with this box; it is your own space to make use of as you choose.

Forum vs. Blog

It's great to have both a blog and a forum on the same networking site. Are you wondering what the difference is, or when/why to use which?

To start a discussion about a topic that you are interested in, for example, what new techniques you have found to help to create a peaceful divorce, new trends in peaceful divorce or any other topic you want to get a conversation going about, please start a new discussion on the forum. Check out the forum now, and weigh in on the important topics that are already there!

If you want to share something, or want to make an announcement, use the blog. Simply click on "add blog post" and start writing! Let me know and I'll put your blog entry on the Main page right on top.

How to Upload Your Photos from a Flickr Account

Do you already have photos uploaded to Flickr? If so, and you don't want to upload again, and you want to get photo info. that you have already entered on Flickr, you can now upload your photos directly from your Flickr account to Peaceful Divorce. When you click on "Add Photos," you should see the Flickr logo with an "Add Photos" link just underneath it. This link will walk you through getting the photos from Flickr. It is very easy to do. Great feature!

How to Start a Forum Discussion

If you're interested in starting a forum discussion click the forum tab and then click "start a new discussion". This will take you to a place where you can put in your title and the content. All that will show up on the main page for all of us to respond to. The replies won't show on the main page so click the "read more" and from there you will have a chance to reply and read all the content in the discussion.

Don't Forget Your Peaceful Divorce Badge

Be sure to add your Peaceful Divorce Badge, located on the lower right, to your website or blog. Some members already have! That'll spread the word further and faster!

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