Peaceful Divorce

Every member of this site has their own unique message around the issue of Peaceful Divorce. When we each share the piece that we have with one another, we can put the puzzle together! Please share with us what your mission and your message is!

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Thank you so much Sheila for this inspiring post. It is gratifying to know that our sister state of Hawaii understands the importance of peaceful divorce and provides programs and resources to help families peacefully move through this challenging time of transition.

Let's all hold the vision that through our combined voices these concepts become embraced nationally and world-wide!

Cynthia Tiano
I love the name of the website, and actually found it by typing in the words "peaceful divorce". Such a good way to reach out and offer resources to divorcing people.

I am the director of a community mediation center which has done pro bono and reduced fee mediations for 17 years in our county. Private mediation fees are now up to $200-300/hr and higher, with a two hour minimum. Many times, parties experience mediation as---at best---tedious and something to get through---and worse, as an unempowered arm-twisting process which can cost as much as legal representation. We use the co-mediation model, and try to assign two mediators, a male and a female, to mediate our divorces and post-divorce cases, as well as handling "never-married" parents who need agreements on visitation, custody and support.

I am also an attorney who does collaborative divorces and uncontested divorces. In all these types of services, I depend on our ability to screen people so that I know when people are "mediation ready" and have the capacity to solve their own disputes. I also screen for presence of fear and intimidation caused by harm to child and/or domestic violence. I envision a time when as many people as possible will be aware they divorce in an informed, empowering, child-centered way, and save their money and stress levels for other things which are bound to come---teenagers, college funds, etc.


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